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Stay Bright, with Euri Light.

For LED lighting the future is now, and Euri Lighting is keeping up to speed. All of Euri's LED bulbs and lamps save over 80% more energy than traditional lighting without sacrificing bright light quality. Geared towards customers, Euri is proud to offer limited warranties and affordable pricing on all Euri Lighting products.

Euri Lighting is a division of IRTronix. Established in 2000, IRTronix specializes in UV LED components and power semiconductors. Born out of the idea to make energy-efficient lighting products accessible for all, Euri Lighting is leading the charge in technology and innovation. As a manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly LED lighting products, they strive to continue saving energy while illuminating residential and commercial spaces. Every Euri Lighting LED bulb is manufactured by the highest standards, tested to ensure quality performance, and guaranteed to last long and save energy with every use.

Their Goal

Euri Lighting strives to give light to consumers and maintain the most eco-friendly and energy efficient alternatives to traditional lighting. They are making a difference one bulb at a time.