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Photocells are a type of sensor designed to detect the presence of light. They are small inexpensive accessories that can be used with light fixtures to turn them on or off depending on the time of day. We offer many different types and styles of photocells in our Lighting category.
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MP39063 Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-LC-120 Photocontrol AmerTac SLC4CB-4 Dusk to Dawn Light Control Socket
AmerTac 758CTC-4 Dusk to Dawn Post Eye Light Control Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-AA-305 Post Security Photocontrol AmerTac LC120BC-4 Dusk to Dawn Twist Lock Light Control
MP39056 MP39057 MP39058
Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-PL-120S Photocontrol AmerTac 758M Post Eye Light Control Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-AA-105 Post Collar Photocontrol
Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-PL-120S- Photocontrol AmerTac SLC5BCW-4 Dusk to Dawn Light Control Socket MP39030
Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-LC-208-2 Thermal Bimetal Photocontrol AmerTac 758FPCTCC-4 Dawn Light Control AmerTac OLC5CFLBC-4 Dusk to Dawn Floodlight Control Photocell
AmerTac SW103CTC-4 Dusk to Dawn Swivel Eye Light Control Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-TL-115 Swivel Mount Photocontrol AmerTac SLC6CBC-4 Programmable Light Control Socket
Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-SPT-15 Thermal Bimetal Photocontrol MP39040 Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-AA-105W Post Collar Photocontrol
Westek AT15BC-4 Dusk to Dawn Stem Mount Light Control MP39069 Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-OLC-5C Photocontrol
MP39060 Amertac SLC2BCB3-4 Light-Sensing Socket Reducer Socket Adapter MP39010
MP39070 MP39042 HLP Photocontrol, Twist Lock MV Utility (Long Life Version), 120-277VAC, 1.5fc T
MP39052 MP39062 MP39012
MP39020 MP39032 MP39050
MP39053 Heathco HZ-5690-AL Light Fixture Arm Extension Heath Zenith HZ-5697 Dusk to Dawn Replacement Photo Control Twist Lock
MP39011 MP39022 MP39051
MP39106 MP39013 MP39100
MP39104 MP39102 Bell 5638-5 Swivel Mount Photocontrol
MP39101 MP39107 MP39103
MP39072 MP88060 MP39112

History of Photocells

The modern photocell has remained mainly unchanged since they were first invented and introduced over 40 years ago. The main reason they were invented was to control outdoor lighting fixtures so that they were lit dusk to dawn, therefore saving power and the bulb's lifespan. The operation of a photocell is fairly simple. There is a current flowing through a closed electromagnetic relay. When the cell is exposed to sunlight the resistance is zero and therefore there is no current flowing to the fixture. When the sunlight is gone the opposite happens and power flows freely to the light.