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Outdoor Flood Lights

Find Flood Lights at WCS. Browse through our Flood offerings to find the perfect fixture for your specific lighting needs. Flood Lights are great for security around buildings or can even be used to show off the architecture of a house or building. Save money and energy on our LED selection of lights. We also offer Free Shipping on orders of $250 or more!

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Flood Shoe Box Accessory ARSB-14PM Flood Bracket Mount BH3 Curved wall bracket CWB
LED Dusk to dawn DTDC-30-LED-120 LED dusk to dawn DTDU35LED41MV MH Large Flood ELFL-750-PS-4T-A
Extra large glare shield ELFLB Extra large glare shield ELFLGS Slipfitter for flood ELFLSF
Vandal resistant guard ELFLVG Wire Guard extra large flood ELFLWG Sxivel bracket ELFSB
Flood light ground stake FLGSTK White LED Flood FLL15-W White LED Flood Light FLL30-W
HPS horizontal flood HFL-250-HPS-4T-A MH horizontal flood HFL-400-PS-4T-A Horizontal flood glare shield HFLGS
Yoke mount for hlf flood HFLLY small yoke for HFL HFLSY vandal resistant guard HFLVG
HFL wire guard HFLWG 250 watt large mh flood LFL-250-PS-4T-A 350W MH large flood LFL-350-PS-4T-A
area light baffle LFLB glare shiled for LFL LFLGS vandal guard for LFL LFLVG
MEDF glare shield MEDFGS vandal guard for MEDF MEDFVG flood wire guard medf MEDFWG
flood slipfitter MFLSF flood swivel bracket MFSB HID Flood MSF-35-HPS-120
HID Flood MSF-50-HPS-120 HID Flood MSF-70-MH-4T Flood glare shield for MSF MSFGS
vandal guard MSF MSFVG wire guard msf MSFWG metal halide flood MSWF-150-PS-4T
cfl flood light MSWF-52-CF-MV hps flood light MSWFT-100-HPS-4T metal halide flood MSWFT-100-MH-4T
70 watt metal halide flood MSWFT-70-MH-4T 100w hps round back flood RBF-100-HPS-120 HPS round back flood RBF-100-HPS-4T
HPS round back flood RBF-150-HPS-4T round back metal halide RBF-175-MH-4T hps round back flood RBF-70-HPS-120
glare shield rbf flood RBFGS vandal guard rbf RBFVG wire guard rbf series RBFWG
metal halide small flood SFL-100-MH-4T cfl flood 42w SFL-42-CF-MV metal halide 70w flood SFL-70-MH-4T
glare shield sfl SFLGS vandal guard sfl SFLVG wire guard sfl SFLWG
led small flood SLF-40-40-MV LED Dusk to dawn DTDC-30HO-LED-120 LED Dusk to dawn DTDC-30HO-LED-120-A
SLPTM SLYM 200W HID Equivalent 5000K 8,200 XAL-5080-LED-MV
320W HID Equivalent 5000K 10,000 XAL-5100-LED-MV 400W HID Equivalent 5000K 15,000 XAL-5150-LED-MV 750W HID Equivalent 5000K 21,000 XAL-5220-LED-MV
XFL-5220-LED-MV Utility LED Flood Light 12,548 lumens 40W 4000K 4,852 lumens L401L40W40KT210GRM
40W 4000K 4,744 lumens L401L40W40KT510GRM 65W 4000K 6,889 lumens L401L65W40KT310GRM 65W 4000K 6,683 lumens L401L65W40KT510GRM
100W 4000K 10,813 lumens L402L100W40KT310GRM LED Street Area Light 80W 4000K 9,407 Lumens 120W 4000K 13,251 Lumens L403L120W40KT310GRM
150W 4000K 17,437 Lumens L404L150W40KT310GRM 240W 4000K 24,837 Lumens L403L120W40KT310GRM 240W 4000K 24,837 Lumens L404L240W40KT410GRM
400W HID Equivalent 4000K 16,500 YAL-4150-LED-MV 750W HID Equivalent 4000K 22,000 YAL-4200-LED-MV 1000W HID Equivalent 4000K 30,000 YAL-4300-LED-MV
Cooper EA24 Mounting Arm and Hardware Bell Weatherproof 5818-6 Floodlight Kits LED Flood Lights: LED Roadway, Street and Area Light, 180W 4000K 17,989 Lumens
MH horizontal flood HFL-400-PS-5T-A Outdoor Flood Light LFL-400-PS-5T-A Outdoor Flood Light LFL-400-PS-5T-B
MR LV LED MtlSpots 4pk Kit Blk MR LV LED Spots 2pk Blk Metal BLED LED Bullet Flood
BLED Bullet Flood BLED Bullet Flood Slip Fitter 25W 4000K 2,825 lumens L401L25W40KT210GRM
LED Flood Light FLL23 White LED Flood FLL23-W White LED Flood Light FLL32-W
FLL8 Dark Bronze LED Flood Light white led flood light FLL8-W LED Flood Light 32w dark bronze
1000W HID Equivalent 4000K 30,000 XAL-4300-LED-HV Howard Lighting SLP-1500-MH-M4-C0 Howard Lighting SLP-1500-MH-M4-C6
LED Flood Lights: 79W Input Area Light (200W HID Equivalent) 5000K 10,342 Lumens Howard Lighting XFL Series Mounting Accessory, Slipfitter SLR-3
SLR-3 21 Inch HID Sports Lighter Reflector HID Sports Lighter Accessory -  21 in. Glass Lens & Clamp Band
SLR-9 Howard Lighting SLR-9-LENS SLS LED Solar Street Light by Howard Lighting
SLS LED Solar Street Light by Howard Lighting SLS LED Solar Street Light by Howard Lighting ELFL-750-PS-5T-A
ELFL-750-PS-5T-B Slipfitter Mounting Accessory for XALE and XFLE Series Flood and Area Lights SLS Solar LED Series Accessory: Remote Control Programmer
SLS-RH Round Hoop SLS-TR 400W HID Equivalent 4000K 20,680 XALE-4150-MV-T3-T
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Outdoor Flood Lights

Flood Lights (Floodlights) are in the family of broad-beamed, artificial Light Fixtures. Generally Flood Fixtures are used as an outdoor fixture. The are commonly used to help illuminate playing fields for outdoor sports like baseball and football. These Fixtures allow the games to go on regardless of the level of natural Lighting on the field.

HID types of bulbs like Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Low Pressure Sodium (LPS), and Mercury Vapor (MV) are the most common types of Lighting used in Flood Fixtures. Today however, LED or Light Emitting Diode Technology is taken over the role of traditional HID Lighting. LED Floodlights are more energy efficient than traditional Flood Fixtures and are bright enough now to replace even the most powerful HID Bulbs.

Flood Lights are also used to illuminate other wide open areas like parking lots and or backyards. These Fixtures are commonly used as security lights around houses and other buildings. These Lights can also be used around large buildings or gardens to create an aesthetically pleasing flood of light around architecture and plants.