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Occupancy Sensors

Wholesale Contractor Supply offers a variety of high quality Occupancy Sensors at wholesale prices. Occupancy Sensors are a type of control device for Lighting systems. By using motion light sensors that operate with ultrasonic or passive infrared, Occupancy Sensors are able to determine if a particular space contains any motion. If the space is occupied the lighting system will turn ON, which in turn saves energy by using the light only when the space is being used. These devices are also commonly used in security applications.
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Occupancy Sensor
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Occupancy Sensor

How do Occupancy Sensors Work?

These sensors have been around for decades. Generally, there are three different types of technology powering these energy saving devices.

Passive Infrared Motion Detection

Passive Infrared Motion Detection sensors are the best for being able to detect large motions, like someone walking through space. It works by seeing the movements of heat sources in space, but it only notices the heat in a direct range of view.

Ultrasonic Motion Detection

The ultrasonic Occ Sensors are really great for detecting minor motions. This means that this sort of motion detector is better suited for detection things like workers typing at computers for extended periods of time. The downside is that it uses a bit more power and is generally more expensive.
Dual-Tech Motion Detection

This technology is a combination of both the infrared sensors and the ultrasonic sensors. These are probably the most optimal and fine tuned versions of Occ sensors but are genrally quite a bit more costly.