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MaxLite LED High Bay Fixtures

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Wholesale Contractor Supply is happy to provide our customers with Maxlite’s line of L.E.D. Fixtures in our Lighting category. Their offerings are extensive and include cutting-edge L.E.D. solutions to fit your Industrial, Commercial and Residential Needs. We offer high quality and energy efficient solutions for common industrial areas such as: Warehouses, Loading Docks, and other exterior and interior needs. Maxlite’s L.E.D. Fixtures are designed to replace classic HID, Incandescent and Fluorescent lights. L.E.D. or Light Emitting Diode Technology, lasts longer and is much more efficient than other more traditional forms.

MaxLite LED Warehouse Lighting Technology - Max Lite Products - LED High Bay Fixtures

An L.E.D. consists of a 2-lead semiconducting light source. It is a junction diode that emits light whenever it is activated. Compared to other lighting technology light emitting diodes are much smaller and therefore take up less space. The technology has appeared in practical electronic components first in 1962. Infrared versions have typically been used in consumer electronics like remote controls and a wide variety of other products.

High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures and L.E.D. Lighting Technology

Recently because of the advances in Light Emitting Diode technology, L.E.D. has started to replace other traditional lighting technologies like incandescent and HID for use in warehouses. This new form of Lighting has a significant advantage over incandescent light sources because of the lower power consumption and a much longer lifespan. For instance, a 10 Watt Lamp is the equivalent to a 60 Watt incandescent bulb. In other words, the L.E.D. Bulb creates the same amount of light while using one-sixth of the power.

Guide to LED High Bay Lighting

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