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Ideal Electrical Tools and Products

We carry several different electrical products here at Wholesale Contractor Supply by Ideal Industries Inc. Ideal Industries is a manufacturer of high quality Electrical hand tools, testers, meters, wholesale wire-nuts, and connectors for professional data communications and electrical cable maintenance and installation. Ideal Products are just what you need to get your electrical project done quickly and easily. They are high quality industry standard products that are manufactured here in the United States. If you plan on using a lot of these items, buy in bulk at Wholesale prices and save money with Free Shipping on qualifying orders.
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Ideal Industries 30-071 Wire Connectors 71B Gray Box of 100 IDEAL 30-073 73B Orange Wire Connectors, 100 piece box IDEAL 30-074 Wire-Nut 74B Wire Connectors, Yellow (Box of 100)
IDEAL 30-454 Wing-Nut 454 Wire Connector, Blue (Box of 25) IDEAL BPS2-JRL 45-120
34-002 IDEAL Push in Wire Connectors 30-341 Wholesale Wire Connectors, Tan ideal push in wire connectors wholesale wire to wire connector, ideal push in wire connectors, wholesale wire to wire connector 30-076
30-452 45-415 Wire Marker Book 1-1/2 inch markers 46-90
Ideal 45-605 Preppro Coaxial UTP Cable Stripper Ideal 35-394 Hole Saw Arbor; 7/16 Inch Ideal 35-430 Tongue and Groove Pliers, 10 Inch Length
Ideal 31-371 Aqua-Gel Lubricant 30-3392 30-073J
7/8 In Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter by IDEAL 36-301 34-003 Tool for wire stripping stripmaster 45-092
Ideal 35-385 IRONMAN 30-651 IDEAL 31-340 6,500-Feet Long Power-Fish Pull-Line
RG-59 BNC Compression Connector Ideal 89-047 Ideal 89-5048 Ideal 31-375 5 gal Pail of Aqua Gel Pulling Lube

History of Ideal Electrical Products and The Ideal Wire Nut

Ideal Industries is a manufacturing company based in the USA that produces hand tools, connectors, electrical testers, and meters for use in the electrical and telecommunication world. Many of Ideals products are manufactured here in The United States of America. The Ideal company was founded in 1916 by J Walter Becker under the name Ideal Commutator Dresser Company in Chicago where they manufactured dresser stones. Ideal was relocated in 1924 to Sycamore, IL and by the year 1949 it was one of America's largest manufacturer of wire nuts.

We are very proud to carry Ideal's line of excellent electrical products. If you have any questions about any of the Ideal Electrical Tool Products that we list, please use the contact link to let us know.

Ideal Tan Wire Nuts are one of our best sellers here at WCS!