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IDEAL 61-501 GFI Receptacle Tester

IDEAL 61-501 GFI Receptacle Tester

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IDEAL 61-501 GFI Receptacle Tester

High quality outlet tester warns against faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles. Tests GFI receptacles for proper operation. Designed for use on 125VAC circuits. Yellow color, 1 year warranty by IDEAL Industries.

IDEAL 61-501 GFI Receptacle Tester Operation Instructions:

Warning: Always test on a known live circuit before use to ensure proper operation.

Wiring Configuration Testing (61-500, 61-501)
Tests for correct wiring, open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral and hot/ground reversed.
  1. Plug tester into receptacle under test.
  2. Verify proper wiring configuration by noting the bulbs lit on the tester.
  3. Compare the bulbs lit to the legend on the product label to determine the wire condition.
  4. If a miswired condition is found, stop any further testing and consult a qualified electrician to rectify the problem.
GFCI Testing (61-501)
  1. Consult the GFCI device manufacturers instructions to determine that the GFCI is installed in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.
  2. Check for correct wiring of the receptacle and all remotely connected receptacles on the branch circuit.
  3. Operate the test button on the GFCI installed in the circuit. The test light will turn on, indicating the activation of the GFCI test. If the GFCI does not trip, consult a qualified electrician. If it does trip, reset the GFCI.
  4. Insert the 61-501 into the receptacle under test. The middle/right bulbs should be lit indicating correct wiring configuration. If the tester trips the GFCI protection on the circuit, then nuisance tripping is occurring due to additional leakage to ground or the GFCI trip level on the device is set too low.
  5. Depress the GFCI test button on the tester. The wiring indicator bulbs should go out, indicating a properly functioning GFCI. Reset the GFCI device.
  6. If the tester fails to trip the GFCI, it suggests: (a) a wiring problem with a totally operable GFCI, or (b) proper wiring with a faulty GFCI. Consult with an electrician to check the condition of the wiring and the GFCI.
  1. All appliances or equipment on the circuit being tested should be unplugged to help avoid erroneous readings.
  2. Not a comprehensive diagnostic instrument but a simple instrument to detect nearly all common improper wiring conditions.
  3. Refer all indicated problems to a qualified electrician.
  4. Will not indicate quality of ground.
  5. Will not detect two hot wires in a circuit.
  6. Will not detect a combination of defects.
  7. Will not detect reversal of grounded and grounding conductors.

One-year warranty limited solely to repair or replacement; no warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or consequential damages.
Model Features

  • Tests GFI receptacles for proper operation
  • Warns against faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles
  • For use on 120VAC circuits
  • 1-year warranty

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