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High Intensity Discharge Bulbs

Browse our selections of High Intensity Discharge Bulbs. We offer High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH), Low Pressure Sodium (LPS), and Mercury Vapor (MV). Always enjoy Free Shipping on orders of $250 or more! Save money and time at WCS!

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MH1000/BU/ED37/PS HPS LU100/MED LU35/MED hps lamp
50w high pressure sodium LU50/MED 70 watt ed17 LU70/MED HPS bulb LU100
HPS light bulbs LU150/55 70W high pressure sodium lamp LU70 hps lamp LU200
250W HPS bulb LU250 LU400 400W HPS mogul base High pressure sodium LU1000
hps bulb LU150/55/MED H37KC-250/DX MH250/BU/ED28/PS
MH250/U/ED28/PS MH320/BU/ED28/PS MH320/U/ED28/PS
MH400/BU/ED37/PS MH400/U/ED28/PS MP1000/BU
MP400/BU/ED37 Mogul Base Lamp H39KB-175 Mogul Base Lamp H39KC-175/DX
Mogul Base Lamp H33CD-400 Mogul Base Lamp H33GL-400/DX Metal Halide Bulb MH1000/U
Metal Halide Bulb MH1000/C/U Metal Halide Bulb MH100/U/MED Metal halide bulb MP100/U/MED
Metal halide bulb MP100/C/U/MED Metal Halide Bulb MH1500/HBU Metal Halide Bulb MH150/U/MED
Metal halide bulb MP150/U/MED Metal Halide Bulb MH150/U Metal halide bulb MP150/C/U/MED
Metal Halide Bulb MH175/U/MED Metal Halide Bulb MH175/U Metal Halide Bulb MH175/C/U/MED
Metal Halide Bulb MH250/U Metal Halide Bulb MH400/U/ED28 Metal Halide Bulb MH400/U
Metal Halide Bulb MH400/C/U/ED28 Metal Halide Bulb MH400/C/U Metal Halide Bulb MH50/U/MED
Metal halide bulb MP50/U/MED Metal halide bulb MP50/C/U/MED Metal Halide Bulb MH70/U/MED
Metal halide bulb MP70/U/MED Metal Halide Bulb MH1000/U/ED37 Metal halide bulb MP250/BU/ED28/PS
Metal halide bulb MP320/BU/ED28/PS Metal halide bulb MP400/BU/ED37/PS Metal halide bulb MP400/C/BU/ED37/PS
Metal Halide Bulb MH400/HOR/ED28/PS

HID Lamps

High Intensity Discharge Bulbs are common for Industrial Fixtures. Common HID Bulb types are as follows: High Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS), Metal Halide Bulbs (MH), Low Pressure Sodium Lamps (LPS), and Mercury Vapor Bulbs (MV). HID Bulbs are still commonly used today in many warehouses and other industrial applications. Flood lights, wall packs and other outdoor fixtures also make use of High Intensity Discharge Technology. The HID Bulbs come in many various shapes, sizes, and options depending on the final fixture application.