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HID High intensity discharge ballasts

High Intensity Discharge Ballasts

Looking for an HID Ballast? WCS carries a plethora of High Intensity Discharge ballasts that will continuously operate your HID bulb of choice. We have High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH), and more! Free Shipping on qualifying orders of $250! What is a Ballast? Check out our blog post for a rundown.

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Metal Halide Ballast M-250-4T-CWA-K Metal Halide Ballast M-400-4T-CWA-K high pressure ballast S-1000-5T-CWA-K
S-100-120-RXH-K high pressure ballast S-100-4T-HXH-K high pressure ballast S-150-120-RXH-K
high pressure ballast S-150-4T-HXH-K high pressure ballast S0250-29C-211-DK high pressure ballast S0250-71C-211-CL
high pressure ballast S-250-5T-CWA-K high pressure ballast S-250-4T-CWA-K high pressure ballast S-35-120-RXH-K
high pressure ballast S0400-71C-211-CL1 high pressure ballast S-400-5T-CWA-K high pressure ballast S-400-4T-CWA-K
high pressure ballast S-50-120-RXH-K high pressure ballast S-50-120-RXN-K high pressure ballast S-70-120-RXH-K
high pressure ballast S-70-120-RXN-K high pressure ballast S-70-4T-HXH-K 1000W ballast metal halide M-1000-5T-CWA-K
1000W metal halide ballast M-1000-4T-CWA-K 1500W ballast M-1500-480T-CWA-K 1500W quad tap ballast M-1500-4T-CWA-K
metal halide ballast M0175-11C-211-CK 175W metal halide M-175-5T-CWA-K metal halide M0175-59C-212-CK
175W metal halide ballast M-175-4T-CWA-K 250 watt metal halide ballast M0250-23C-212-DK 250 watt metal halide M0250-08C-213-DK
250w metal halide M0250-11C-211-DK 250 watt ballast kit M0250-11C-211-DP ballast kit mh 250w M0250-59C-211-CK
400W five tap MH ballast M-400-5T-CWA-K metal halide ballast M0050-08C-111-DK MH ballast M0070-08C-111-DK
250 watt metal halide ballast M-250-5T-CWA-K tri tap metal halide ballast M0250-59C-211-DK tri tap 400w metal halide M0400-59C-211-CK
ps metal halide 1000W ballast M1000-29C-612-CK Pulse start metal halide MP-1000-4T-PSCWA-K Pulse start metal halide MP-100-4T-HXH-K
Pulse start metal halide MP-150-4T-HXH-K 200W metal halide ballast M0200-23C-611-DK pulse start metal halide M0200-11C-611-DK
metal halide ballast kit M0250-11C-611-CK 250 watt metal halide M0250-11C-611-DK Pulse start metal halide MP-250-4T-PSCWA-K
Pulse start metal halide MP-320-5T-PSCWA-K Pulse start metal halide MP-400-5T-PSCWA-K Pulse start metal halide MP-70-4T-HXH-K
Pulse start metal halide MP-750-5T-PSCWA-K

About HID Ballasts

High Intensity Discharge, or HID, Ballasts are designed to operate different forms of HID Lamps. HID Ballasts power Lamps like High Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor and more. High Intensity Discharge Ballasts can use accessories such as a Starter (Igniter or Ignitor) and a Capacitor. HID Ballast are used in many different types of fixtures such as high bay industrial fixtures and outdoor flood lighting.