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Ballasts for Fluorescent Fixtures

Looking For a Fluorescent Ballast? WCS Has You Covered! We Offer an Extensive Inventory of High Quality Ballasts to Suit Your Needs. We Stock Ballasts For T12, T9, T8, T5 And More in Several Different Configurations. Save Time and Money at Wholesale Contractor Supply! For more information about Ballasts and Ballast types, check out our blog post entitled "
What is a Ballast?"
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CFL Electronic Ballast  EP2/26CF/MV/K2 FC8T9 circline ballast M1/22RSC-120 CFL Ballast EP2/13CF/MV
CFL Ballast EP2/18CF/MV/K2 CFL Ballast EP2/42CF/MV/K2 Compact Fluorescent Ballast EP2/13CF/MV/K2
cfl 1 lamp ballast M1/18CFH-120 cfl 1 lamp magnetic ballast M1/26CFN-277 1 lamp cfl ballast M1/28CFH-120
CFL Ballast EP2/18CF/MV F32T8 Fluorescent Ballast EP3/32IS/MV/MC/HE Electronic Ballast F32T8 EP2/32IS/MV/MC/HE
F32T8 Fluorescent Ballast EP4/32IS/MV/MC/HE Howard Lighting EP2/40RS/MV/MC Electronic Fluorescent Ballast Electronic Fluorescent Ballast EP2/59IS/MV/MC/HE
Philips Centium ICN2P32N35I Electronic Ballast Philips Centium ICN2S110SC Electronic Ballast Philips Centium ICN4P32N35I Electronic Ballast
Philips Comp-Covered LC1420CI Magnetic Ballast Philips NPF RLCS140TPWI Magnetic Ballast Philips STD RS2232TPWI Magnetic Ballast
Electronic Ballast EP2/110RS/MV/SC T12 Flourescent Ballast EP2/75IS/MV/SC t12 fl ballast 2 lamp M2/30RS-120
t12 fl ballast 2 lamp M2/40RS-240 T5 Flourescent Ballast EP2/54HO/PRS/MV/W/MC Fluorescent Ballast E2/32ISS-120RES
T8 Flourescent Ballast EP2/32PRS/MV/MC/HE T8 Flourescent Ballast EPH2/32IS/MV/MC/HE T8 Flourescent Ballast EPL2/32IS/MV/MC/HE
T8 Flourescent Ballast EPH3/32IS/MV/MC/HE T8 Flourescent Ballast EPL3/32IS/MV/SC/HE Fluorescent Ballast E2/32IS-277SC
T8 Flourescent Ballast EP4/32IS/MV/SC/HE T8 Flourescent Ballast EPH4/32IS/MV/SC/HE T8 Flourescent Ballast EPL4/32IS/MV/SC/HE
t8 fl 2 lamp ballast M2/32RS-120 2 lamp t8 fl ballast M2/32RS-277 T8 Flourescent Ballast EPL3/32IS/MV/MC
Fluorescent Ballast E4/32IS-120RES Fluorescent Ballast E4/32IS-277SC-BP T8 Flourescent Ballast EP4/32PPRS/MV/SC/HE
Fluorescent Ballast E4/32IS-120SC-BP t8 f32t8 ballast SRE2/32W-120V t8 f32t8 ballast SRE4/32W-120V

Electronic Fluorescent Light Ballasts

An Electronic Fluorescent Ballast is designed to limit the amount of current flowing through a circuit. Fluorescent Ballasts come in many different configurations for many different types of lamps. Some types of Fluorescent lamps include T12, T9, T8, and T5. Fluorescence powered lamps are one of the most common types of fixtures for modern offices and many other uses. F32T8 is one of the most common types of fluorescent ballasts.

There are many different types of configurations for Fluorescent Ballasts as well. Instant Start Ballasts do not preheat the electrodes but uses high voltage to turn on instantly. Rapid Start Ballasts apply voltage and heats the cathodes simultaneously, starting the Ballast Rapidly. A Dimmable Ballast is similar to Rapid Start Ballasts except it generally has a capacitor. A Programmed Start Ballast is more advanced than a Rapid Start Ballast so it is preferred for uses where the power is frequently cycling.