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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Wholesale Pricing

Browse a variety of high quality Fluorescent Bulbs at WCS. We carry Linear and CFL lamps. Order in bulk and save money in the long run. Orders of $250 or more always ship free! Save money and time by shopping at Wholesale Contractor Supply!

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T8 Bulbs F28T5/835 T8 Bulbs F28T5/841 T5 Linear Fluorescent Tube F54T5/841/HO
T5 Linear Fluorescent Tube F54T5/850/HO T8 Bulbs F17T8/830 T8 Bulbs F17T8/865
T8 Bulbs F17T8/835 T8 Bulbs F17T8/841 T8 Bulbs F25T8/850/ES/ECO/IC
T8 Bulbs F25T8/841/ES/ECO/IC T8 Bulbs F25T8/835/ES/ECO/IC T8 Bulbs F28T8/841/ES/ECO/LL
T8 Bulbs F28T8/850/ES/ECO/LL T8 Bulbs F28T8/850/ES/ECO/IC T8 Bulbs F28T8/850/ES/ECO
T8 Bulbs F28T8/830/ES/ECO/IC T8 Bulbs F28T8/835/ES/ECO/IC T8 Bulbs F32T8/841/HL/ECO/LL
T8 Bulbs F32T8/835/HL/ECO/IC T8 Bulbs F32T8/841/HL/ECO/IC T8 Bulbs F32T8/865/HL/ECO/IC
T8 Tube F28T8/841/ES/ECO/IC T8 Fluorescent Tube F25T8/841 T5 Linear Fluorescent Tube F32T8/850/HL/ECO/IC
F25T8/835 T8 U Bend Bulbs T8 U Bend Bulbs FB31T8/841
T8 U Bend Bulbs FB32T8/841/6 T8 U Bend Bulbs FB32T8/841/6 T8 U Bend Bulbs FB32T8/835/6
T8 U Bend Bulbs FB32T8/850/6 T8 U Bend Bulbs FB31T8/835

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Linear Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent Bulbs come in many different shapes and sizes. A Compact Fluorescent Lamp, or CFL for short, can be used to replace traditional incandescent bulbs. CFL Bulbs run much cooler than traditional light bulbs, use much less energy, and have a longer life span. Linear Fluorescent Tube Lamps are common for many commercial and residential fixtures. It is a popular option because of the amount of light that they give off and the amount of energy that is used to keep them lit. Self Ballasted Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are also a popular option.

Types of Flourescent Lights

Fluorescent fixtures come in many different shapes, sizes, wattage and colors. Many lamps require a ballast to operate, while some plug in CFL bulbs are self ballasted for easier installation. CFL bulbs are more energy efficient than other traditional forms of lighting like incandescent and HID types, making them a popular option for large industrial uses where savings is optimal.