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Emergency situations occur when you least expect them, so you need to be prepared ahead of time. Explore our exit and emergency lighting fixture offerings at WCS. Whether you need an exit sign or an emergency light, we are here to help you prepare for the worst. Exit Path Lights and Emergency Lighting Fixtures are designed to run on battery power for up to 90 minutes, allowing anyone left in the dark to find an exit during an emergency situation. We offer many different colors, styles, and cominations of fixtures and signs.

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exit sign battery HL0202-BATT MP73116 LED sxit sign red letter HL02012RB
LED exit sign green HL02012GB MP73126 Led exit sign green letter HL02012GW
LED exit green letters HL0201B2GB led slimline exit HL03012RW MP73060
MP73068 red led exit fixture HL0301B2RW MP73064
MP73117 exit path emergency light HL0202SW led exit green letters HL0301B2GW
spanish led exit sign green HL0201B2GW-ESP MP73082 MP73012
LED Emergency Light HL0202L-W emergency light fixture HL0223L-W MP73118
MP73424 MP73066 MP73070
MP73016 MP73080 MP73010
MP73127 MP73120 MP73426
MP73014 MP73381 MP73382
MP73383 MP73384 MP73067
MP73071 MP73013 MP73119
MP73112 MP73000 MP73017
MP73121 MP73425 MP73095
MP73065 MP73110 MP73001
MP73522 green exit sign HL03143GW exit sign red letters HL03143RW
MP73122 MP73114 emergency exit light HL02143GW green
MP73040 spanish exit sign combo HL02143GW-ESP-RP1 MP73427
MP73081 MP73084 MP73512
MP73432 MP73026 MP73152
MP73042 MP73111 MP73524
exit sign with green letters HL04093GW MP73434 MP73514
MP73022 MP73320 MP73322
MP73115 MP73041 exit emergency light red HL04093RW
red letter exit sign HL03143RWRC red letter exit emergency HL04093RWRC MP73003
MP73433 MP73024 MP73028
MP73043 MP73090 MP73516
MP73030 MP73023 MP73032
MP73435 MP73518 MP73050
MP73025 MP73052 MP73031
MP73532 MP73054 MP73033
MP73442 MP73056 MP73534
MP73444 MP73096 MP73398
MP73536 MP73055 MP73443
MP73057 MP73538 MP73445
MP73035 MP73037 MP73091
MP73310 MP73311 MP73452
MP73315 MP73316 MP73453
MP73455 MP73402 MP73403
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Battery Backup Exit Path, Exit Sign Options and Emergency Lights

Emergency Fixtures are designed to Light the way during an Emergency situation. Emergency Exit signs will guide occupants to the closest and safest exit by staying illuminated for 90 minutes regardless of the power being on or off. Emergency Light Fixtures are installed to illuminate dark buildings during an emergency situation. Like the Emergency Exit Signs, Emergency Light Fixtures are designed to stay lit for a minimum of 90 Minutes during an Emergency situation.