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Ceiling Lights and Flush Light Selection

Shop At WCS for Ceiling Fixtures and Retrofit Kits. Illuminate your home or indoor work space with these Close-To Ceiling Lights. Save money with longer lasting High Quality LED Ceiling Fixtures. Ceiling Lights will help illuminate your work area making everything more visible. Free Shipping on Orders of $250 only at Wholesale Contractor Supply!

Decorative Lights Fluorescent Fixtures Incandescent Fixtures
Whether you're putting in a brand new fixture or upgrading existing ones, we offer a full array of Fluorescent Ceiling Lights and Retrofit Kits! more info
LED Fixtures
Our LED Ceiling Fixture selection is full of high quality light fixtures built to look great and save money on energy! more info
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T8 retrofit strip FSR44232ASEMV000000I FSR84232AHEMV000000I Howard Lighting Retrofit Kit Fluorescent T8 retrofit strip FSR84232ASEMV000000I
Fluorescent Lighting Retrofit FSR84432AHEMV000000I T8 retrofit strip FSR84432ALEMV000000I Fluorescent Lighting Retrofit FSR84432ASEMV000000I
T8 retrofit strip FSR85432ASEMV000000I T5 retrofit strip FSR84454APSMV000000I T8 Fluorescent Strip FSL4B
T8 Fluorescent Strip FSL4W Fluorescent Wrap Fixture CW240232ASEMV

Ceiling Lights, LED Shop Lights, Ceiling Fixtures, Flush Mount Ceiling Lights, Hanging Lights, and other Flush Light types

Ceiling Fixtures are close-to-ceiling lights designed to be mounted on the ceiling and create down light for task lighting or work spaces. Ceiling Lights are one of the most common indoor work area lights and come in many varieties. Ceiling Fixtures work well indoors and can also be used in garages or other semi-outdoor environments. Many people are upgrading parts and making their old Ceiling Lights much more energy efficient by retrofitting them with a retrofit kit. Retrofitting an old fixture can help you save money on energy bills and can also improve the ceiling fixture lighting.