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Buy Ballasts & Starters at Wholesale Contractor Supply! Browse through our huge selection of products to find exactly what you need for your fixture. Order in bulk and save money on Free Shipping! We offer transformers for T12, T9, T8, T5 Bulbs, and more! For more information about Ballasts and Ballast types check out our blog post "
What is a Ballast?"

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CFL Electronic Ballast  EP2/26CF/MV/K2 FC8T9 circline ballast M1/22RSC-120 CFL Ballast EP2/13CF/MV
CFL Ballast EP2/18CF/MV/K2 CFL Ballast EP2/42CF/MV/K2 Compact Fluorescent Ballast EP2/13CF/MV/K2
cfl 1 lamp ballast M1/18CFH-120 cfl 1 lamp magnetic ballast M1/26CFN-277 1 lamp cfl ballast M1/28CFH-120
CFL Ballast EP2/18CF/MV MP72901 MP72902
HL-BLEDEM-CP-1600 LED Emergency Driver HL-BLEDEM-CP-2000 LED Emergency Driver HL-BLEDEM-CP-2400 LED Emergency Driver
HL-BLEDEM-CP-800 LED Emergency Driver HL-BLEDEM-CP-1200 LED Emergency Driver Dry Capacitor 10.0/400-2B
Dry Capacitor 12.0/280-2B Dry Capacitor 14.0/280-2B Dry Capacitor 15.0/400-2C
Dry Capacitor 16.0/280-2B Dry Capacitor 20.0/280-2C Dry Capacitor 20.5/380-2C
Dry Capacitor 21.0/380-2C Dry Capacitor 24.0/400-2C Dry Capacitor 28.0/280-2C
Dry Capacitor 35.0/240-2C Dry Capacitor 46.0/280-2C Dry Capacitor 55.0/240-2C
Dry Capacitor 5.0/280-2A Dry Capacitor 6.0/280-2A Dry Capacitor 7.0/280-2A
Dry Capacitor 8.0/280-2A Dry Capacitor 26.0/330-2C BALT5-800TD
Emergency Ballast BAL650C-4 Emergency Ballast BAL700 Emergency Ballast BAL700
Emergency Ballast BAL500 F32T8 Fluorescent Ballast EP3/32IS/MV/MC/HE Electronic Ballast F32T8 EP2/32IS/MV/MC/HE
F32T8 Fluorescent Ballast EP4/32IS/MV/MC/HE Howard Lighting EP2/40RS/MV/MC Electronic Fluorescent Ballast Electronic Fluorescent Ballast EP2/59IS/MV/MC/HE
Fluorescent Emergency Backup Ballast 2900 - 3000 Lumens - Dual Voltage MP72904 MP72900
MP72903 Metal Halide Ballast M-250-4T-CWA-K Metal Halide Ballast M-400-4T-CWA-K
high pressure ballast S-1000-5T-CWA-K S-100-120-RXH-K high pressure ballast S-100-4T-HXH-K
high pressure ballast S-150-120-RXH-K high pressure ballast S-150-4T-HXH-K high pressure ballast S0250-29C-211-DK
high pressure ballast S0250-71C-211-CL high pressure ballast S-250-5T-CWA-K high pressure ballast S-250-4T-CWA-K
high pressure ballast S-35-120-RXH-K high pressure ballast S0400-71C-211-CL1 high pressure ballast S-400-5T-CWA-K
high pressure ballast S-400-4T-CWA-K high pressure ballast S-50-120-RXH-K high pressure ballast S-50-120-RXN-K
high pressure ballast S-70-120-RXH-K high pressure ballast S-70-120-RXN-K high pressure ballast S-70-4T-HXH-K
MP72914 MP72910 MP72913
BALT5-1300TD BALT5-500TD 1000W ballast metal halide M-1000-5T-CWA-K
1000W metal halide ballast M-1000-4T-CWA-K 1500W ballast M-1500-480T-CWA-K 1500W quad tap ballast M-1500-4T-CWA-K
metal halide ballast M0175-11C-211-CK 175W metal halide M-175-5T-CWA-K metal halide M0175-59C-212-CK
175W metal halide ballast M-175-4T-CWA-K 250 watt metal halide ballast M0250-23C-212-DK 250 watt metal halide M0250-08C-213-DK
250w metal halide M0250-11C-211-DK 250 watt ballast kit M0250-11C-211-DP ballast kit mh 250w M0250-59C-211-CK
400W five tap MH ballast M-400-5T-CWA-K metal halide ballast M0050-08C-111-DK MH ballast M0070-08C-111-DK
250 watt metal halide ballast M-250-5T-CWA-K tri tap metal halide ballast M0250-59C-211-DK tri tap 400w metal halide M0400-59C-211-CK
Oil Capacitor 10.0/280-3A Oil Capacitor 12.0/280-3A Oil Capacitor 14.0/280-3A
Oil Capacitor 15.0/400-3B Oil Capacitor 15.0/300-1C Oil Capacitor 16.0/280-1B
Oil Capacitor 20.5/400-1C Oil Capacitor 21.0/480-3C Oil Capacitor 24.0/400-1C
Oil Capacitor 24.0/400-3C Oil Capacitor 24.0/480-1C Oil Capacitor 24.0/480-3C
Oil Capacitor 26.0/525-1C Oil Capacitor 26.0/525-3C Oil Capacitor 28.0/240-1C
Oil Capacitor 28.0/280-1C Oil Capacitor 32.0/525-3D Oil Capacitor 6.0/280-3A
Oil Capacitor 7.0/280-3A Oil Capacitor 10.0/400-1B Oil Capacitor 10.0/400-3A
Oil Capacitor 12.0/280-1A Oil Capacitor 15.0/400-1C Oil Capacitor 21.0/480-1C
Oil Capacitor 26.0/330-1C Oil Capacitor 28.0/400-3B Oil Capacitor 35.0/240-1C
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Light Ballast, HID Ballasts, Electronic Ballast and Lighting Ballast Capacitor Types

For more information about Ballasts check out our blog post entitled "What is a Ballast?"
A transformer is a device that is designed to control the amount of current in an electrical circuit. One of the most common examples of a modern inductive transformer is one used in a Fluorescent Lamp. The transformer limits the current throughout the tube which could possibly otherwise reach destructive levels because of the tubes negative resistance characteristics.

There are various transformers that differ in usage and complexity. Fluorescent Ballasts are one of the most common forms used today. The Fluorescent type is used on many common different fluorescent tube types like: T12, T9, T8, and T5. HID or High Intensity Discharge Ballasts are used to limit the current for Ballasts that run Lamp types like Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Sodium and more.
Emergency Ballasts are designed to power Emergency Fixtures during a power out. An Emergency type is meant to power the fixture or fixtures for 90 minutes or more during an emergency situation.

Starters and Capacitors are used with HID Ballasts. Starters, also known as ignitors or igniters, are used to start or "ignite" the lamp. Capacitors aka Condensers are designed to store electrostatic energy. The Capacitor contains at least two electrical conductors separated by an insulator.