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Starters and Capacitors

Starters and Capacitors for Ballasts

WCS Offers Starters And Capacitors For All Of Your Lighting Replacement Needs. If You're Looking For Oil, Dry, Oval, Or Round Capacitors Then You Have Found The Right Place!

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Dry Capacitor 10.0/400-2B Dry Capacitor 12.0/280-2B Dry Capacitor 14.0/280-2B
Dry Capacitor 15.0/400-2C Dry Capacitor 16.0/280-2B Dry Capacitor 20.0/280-2C
Dry Capacitor 20.5/380-2C Dry Capacitor 21.0/380-2C Dry Capacitor 24.0/400-2C
Dry Capacitor 28.0/280-2C Dry Capacitor 35.0/240-2C Dry Capacitor 46.0/280-2C
Dry Capacitor 55.0/240-2C Dry Capacitor 5.0/280-2A Dry Capacitor 6.0/280-2A
Dry Capacitors: 6.0 Microfarad 280V Round Dry Capacitor
Our Price: $5.80
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Dry Capacitor 7.0/280-2A Dry Capacitor 8.0/280-2A Dry Capacitor 26.0/330-2C
Oil Capacitor 10.0/280-3A Oil Capacitor 12.0/280-3A Oil Capacitor 14.0/280-3A
Oil Capacitor 15.0/400-3B Oil Capacitor 15.0/300-1C Oil Capacitor 16.0/280-1B
Oil Capacitor 20.5/400-1C Oil Capacitor 21.0/480-3C Oil Capacitor 24.0/400-1C
Oil Capacitor 24.0/400-3C Oil Capacitor 24.0/480-1C Oil Capacitor 24.0/480-3C
Oil Capacitor 26.0/525-1C Oil Capacitor 26.0/525-3C Oil Capacitor 28.0/240-1C
Oil Capacitor 28.0/280-1C Oil Capacitor 32.0/525-3D Oil Capacitor 6.0/280-3A
Oil Capacitor 7.0/280-3A Oil Capacitor 10.0/400-1B Oil Capacitor 10.0/400-3A
Oil Capacitor 12.0/280-1A Oil Capacitor 15.0/400-1C Oil Capacitor 21.0/480-1C
Oil Capacitor 26.0/330-1C Oil Capacitor 28.0/400-3B Oil Capacitor 35.0/240-1C
Oil Capacitor 35.0/240-3C Oil Capacitor 45.0/280-1C Oil Capacitor 55.0/240-1C
Oil Capacitor 55.0/240-3C Starter ST2002 Starter ST2002LR
Starter ST1001 Starter ST2000 Starter ST2001A

Lamp Ignitors and Capacitors

Lamp Starters and Capacitors are important for Ballasts to start and operate with different settings. Starters, also known as Igniters or Ignitors, are used to start the Ballast and operate the Lamp or Lamps. Capacitors are used to store electromagnetic energy. Capacitors feature two or more prongs in order to operate correctly. They come in several sizes and shapes and types like: Oil, Dry, Round, and Oval.