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Browse our commercial lighting products that range from LED and fluorescent bulbs to Industrial Lighting Fixtures. Accessories include lighting parts such as Ballasts, Starters, Lamps, Hangers and more.

Also check out our Resources section and use the Energy Cost Estimator to calculate Investment and Payback of LED replacement bulbs, LED tubes, fluorescent lighting and other lighting fixtures and lamp retrofits.

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All about Industrial Lighting Fixtures and Accessories

Electric Light is one of the most common conveniences of the modern world. Since their inception electric lights have helped drive industry in the workplace and comfort in the home. Thomas Alva Edison has been attributed as the first inventor of the first commercially practical incandescent bulb, however historians claim that there may have been over 20 other inventors who created earlier and less successful versions of the Light Bulb.

Since Edison's first incandescent bulb, Lights have been vastly improved both in delivered lumens and in energy efficiency. Fluorescent Lamps that use gasses were a large breakthrough as they created less heat and were more energy efficient than previous bulbs. They use Ballasts to help regulate the current that flows through the chamber filled with gasses to create a stable form of Light.

The latest technological addition to the pantheon of energy efficient light solutions is L.E.D. technology. L.E.D. is short for Light Emitting Diode. This form of Lighting is the most energy efficient form to date and it is improving on a daily basis. Many power companies and government agencies have been offering monetary incentives to individuals and companies that switch to the Energy Efficient LED form of Lights.

Light Fixtures come in all different sorts of shapes, sizes, and technologies. Ceiling Light Fixtures and Canopy Light Fixtures can be mounted to the ceiling to create down light. High Bay Lights and Low Bay Fixtures are used for illuminating large indoor areas like warehouses or manufacturing facilities. Exit & Emergency Lights have a battery installed that keeps the light on for 90 minutes after the power goes out in an emergency situation. Outdoor Fixtures like Flood Lights and Wall Mount illumination fixtures are used on the outside of buildings or on poles to provide area lighting outdoors and are generally designed to operate in damp or wet locations.